The Most Fashionable Cities of the World are Announced

The Russian capital is officially considered the most expensive city in the world, but it hasn’t overtaken the most fashionable mega city yet. The research Global Language Monitor Company has made a list of the five most fashionable cities of the world. 3 American, 4 European and 3 Asian cities take the first lines of the list. Moscow takes only the 16th place.

Californian Global Language Monitor Company annually composes the rating lists of the most fashionable world cities, tracing words and phrases on the English internet and blog areas. Leaning to the linguistic base (frequency, contextness of the words using and appearance in global media sources) it has named the most fashionable city New York which has forced out the leading position even Paris – the traditional crib of the fashion.
Two other American cities: starry Los Angeles and “sin city” Las Vegas are included in ten “fashion plates” list being on the 7th and the 9th places of the list.

In 2007 Paris took just the third place, stepping aside the Rome (the second place). London took the 4th place but Milan has closed the leaders quintuple. Hong Kong having got the 8th place became the most fashionable south-Asian city. African Continent has been represented by Johannesburg (SAR), which took the 23d place. Polish Krakow was lucky to be included in the most fashionable cities list, it became the last one, conceding better places to Buenos Aires and even Santiago.

“The rating surprises a lot, demonstrating fast changes in fashion industry. The cities just yesterday being on the last places today are turning into fashion centers.” – says Millie Lorenzo Payack, the director and at the same time fashion correspondent of GLM.

The cities included in the group of ten worlds most fashionable cities are the following:

1. New York

2. Rome

3. Paris

4. London

5. Milan

6. Tokyo

7. Los Angeles

8. Hong Kong

9. Las Vegas

10. Singapore

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